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If you are here - everything is all right with you. You are looking for solutions to your problems. Most of people’s problems - or perhaps all of them - result from certain ways of thinking and not from external circumstances. The difference between being rich and being poor is the difference in the state... of mind, not of the bank account. If you are lonely, this may be a consequence of your hypersensitivity. Like everybody else, you are afraid that someone may hurt your feelings or your pride. You are also afraid of being rejected, not accepted, or maybe even ridiculed. Remember that such horrible experiences may only have been caused by primitive people, who are aware of their poor condition. Sometimes, when people are unable to solve their problems, they choose other solutions. They try to ridicule other people (especially more sensitive and more delicate types), make them feel down, humiliate them. They do so to compensate for their inferiority complex. If you are reading this text now, you are probably taking the more difficult path, which, however, grants you with more opportunities. It has been said that the last shall become first. I understand that your pain must be enormous and that your problem could not yet be solved. Remember that things often fail to work out not because they were impossible, but because we are not aware of existing solutions and not able to make use of such solutions. But what do you have professionals for? Bricklayers do not repair cars - they build houses; gardeners specialize in gardening; pilots are capable of flying planes; and who is able to lead you on? You should choose the solutions that you feel are best at this moment. But first consider your main problems. Try to specify these problems in order to find out, which specialist you need. If you wish to recommend someone that has managed to help you, please write to AMORY@AMORY.PL . You will then be able to help others too. And remember - what you offer the world is what you get in return.

Have a look at this list of contact numbers that might be useful for you:

Emergency phone numbers:

for young people - (022) 988, (022) 672-52-26

for people with general problems - 0 800 120-226 (free of charge), (022) 628-36-36

for family problems - (022) 831-24-29, (022) 629-30-25, call between 8.00-21.00,

information about psychiatric problems - 0 800 600-700, call Friday - Sunday 16.00-22.00 (free of charge)
La Strada (Foundation against women trade) (022) 628-99-99, call Tuesday 9-21

Internet Help line - pomoctel@free.ngo.pl "Anonymous Friend"

National Service for Anonymous Alcohol Addicts - (022) 828-04-94, call between 9.00-21.00

AIDS - (022) 622-50-01, 24-hour service everywhere in Poland, doctor, psychologist

for young people who are subject to sexual harassment - (022) 827-61-72, call between 15.00-18.00

for gay people and their relatives - (022) 628-52-22, call between 18.00-21.00

for fathers and children whose rights are abused - (022) 844-14-82, call between 10-11, 21-22 www.ssopo.w.pl, www.free.polbox.pl/s/sopowawa

for pregnant women (022) 624-20-68, 0 602 285-444, call between 9-18, 628-11-91, call between 9-21

for people in danger of sect activity - (022) 853-52-22, call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12.00-19.00

No Questions Line for missing people who want to give a sign (022) 654-70-70, call Sunday

for people who suffer from violent behavior in their family - 0 800 1200 02, call between 10-22, Sunday 10-16 (free of charge)

for parents of children who tend to abuse alcohol - 0 801 14-00-68, call between 16.00-21.00

for people with cancer - (022) 822-56-94, call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 13-16 (PKZR)

for people with personal or interpersonal (family) problems (022) 728-64-35, call between 21-4, Tuesday 9-17

MONAR- addictions, prevention - (022) 823-65-31, call between 10.00-17.00

drugs - drug addiction 0-801 199-990, call between 16.00-21.00 daily!

Police Help Line - 0 800 120-226 (free of charge)

Police Registry of Criminals - 0 800 120-148, (022) 636-67-53

mafia prevention - (022) 619-91-49

24-hour medical information - (022) 9439

medical services in the Mazovia (Mazowsze) region - (022) 9470

Centrum Terapii i Edukacji Psychologicznej "MABOR" [Psychological Therapy and Education Center], Warsaw, adults, teenagers, children. Neurosis, depression, psychosis, addictions. Anorexia, bulimia (022) 842-25-71, www.mabor.com.pl.

Ambulatorium Psychoanalityczne [Psychoanalytic Center], Warsaw, adults, teenagers, children. Neurosis, depression, psychosis, family problems, sexual disorders. Phone no. / Fax no. (022) 628-35-89

Laboratorium Psychoedukacji [Laboratory of Psychoeducation], Warsaw, Psychotherapy, training courses. Phone no.: (022) 617-61-64, 0 501 201-490, fax no. (022) 617-24-52.

Centrum Psychoterapii Ben. [Psychotherapy Center], Warsaw. Alcohol and nicotine addiction - hypnotic treatment. Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, sexual disorders specialist. Adults, teenagers, children. Home visits. Phone no.: (022) 625-48-44, 628-92-81 operator 255, call Monday - Friday 10.00-19.00 .

Birth and Gynecology Cathedra and Clinic, Medical Academy in Warsaw, fertility treatment. Phone no. (022) 622-81-41, 621-02-41 operator 1686 , e-mail: klinika_ginpol@poczta.onet.pl.

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